FPGA based Acceleration

Whether you're trying to accelerate a slow algorithm, or you need new IP on your FPGA to process your custom protocol, we can deliver a turnkey solution to accelerate your current computing problems. 


Software Acceleration using an FPGA: Your business is currently bottlenecked on a piece of software that simply takes too long and you're looking for some form of hardware acceleration. Be it a bioinformatics matching algorithm or an oil-and-gas drill predictor, you found what you needed. We can analyze your algorithm to understand its performance bottlenecks. From our findings, we will immediately deliver optimizations in your current plaform if possible (without adding the FPGA at first). Then, we will use our extensive algorithmic and FPGA expertise to derive the best hardware mapping of your problem to the FPGA of your choice. We will adapt our solution to your budget and constraints. 


Custom IP for inclusion in your FPGA: We can create custom IP for your project and we can help integrate it with the rest of your FPGA design. We will work with your specs and deliver verified and timing-clean RTL that match the performance you requested. We have specific expertise in creating custom IP for:

  • Machine learning acceleration
  • Deep Packet Inspection
  • 2D/3D Video Rendering (shader core, rasterizer, texture sampling)

IP Polishing: If you have an IP that has not been updated in a while, it probably is lagging in performance and features and is not taking advantage of the latest FPGA technology. We offer you to analyze your RTL, re-map it to the latest technology and, in the process, add any features you'd like to have and can not afford with your current in-house resources. We can help you improve your IP's per-cycle performance, reduce its power or optimize the resources it uses. 


FPGA Programming: We can help you with

  • HDL Programming
  • New IPs to be included in your FPGA
  • Design Modifications to reduce utilization, reduce power or improve performance
  • Simulation and Verification
  • Debugging
  • Timing closure to your target