Our team of verification experts can guarantee you the functionality of the most complex RTL designs.


The team offers a wide range of verification spectrum, from detailed Testplan creation to very detailed coverage points that guarantee quality and bug free designs. The expertise extends from system to module level validation.The deep experience in very complex designs make us think out of the box, innovate and deliver in time high quality designs in a very wide range of the digital world.


Our methodology:

  • Plan: Based on the specifiations of the architecture team,
    • we strategize our methodology  
    • we architect out testbeches/checkers/assertions/coverpoints/....
    • we decide the priorities and the sequence of tasks and  
    • we document everything
  • Build: based on the document of the Plan phase, we create/integrate/debug our testbech/checkers/assertions/coverpoints based on reusable methodologies.
  • Run: based on the Stimulus created on build phase, we hunt, find(using state of the art bug catching techniques) and resolve RTL bugs.
  • Cover: based on the coverage plan of build phase, we measure Functional Coverage and analyse,extend,adjust with target the closure.